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While surfing the Internet you leave a record of your IP address, operating system and browser type, web pages last visited, and save numerous cookies, java scripts, adware, spyware, trojans and viruses to your hard drive. Malicious web site owners, hackers, identity thieves, spammers, etc. can use this information to probe your PC for security holes and possibly gain unauthorized access.

Another concern is your entire search history is logged by search engine operators which in itself is an invasion of privacy. By using an anonymous proxy server its IP address is visible to third party web sites while yours is kept private.

Non secure http connections reveal your browsing habits, user names and passwords in some cases, to network snoopers, spies and hackers who roam public networks such as WiFi, cable, ADSL and even corporate networks. Our high strength 4096 bit SSL connection ensures privacy between your computer and our proxy servers.

Note: We offer this as free service, please use responsibly. Although we do not log users' IP traffic data, access to web sites that have been abused by users of this service may be blocked if we receive complaints.

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